Bedrooms are very important to us as it plays a big role in our lives. We spend at least one third of our days in the bedroom. It is the place where we rest, seek comfort and it is also a place for us to sleep, recharge and to refresh ourselves after a long exhausting day of socializing and work. Other than that, bedrooms are a place for you to entertain yourselves, to study and even to do work.

Having a good conducive and comfortable environment for your bedroom is important so that you can feel relaxed and calm whenever you step foot into your bedroom. Therefore, designing and renovating your bedroom into a place that is suitable and comfortable for you is very important as it is a place where you do many things such as, sleep, rest, study, work and many more. So be sure to renovate your bedroom into a place that is suitable for you. 

Advice 1: choice of flooring

First thing that you should consider before renovating your bedroom would be the type of flooring that you are going to be choosing. The flooring that you choose should be able to give you a sense of comfortability, warmth and a homey feeling.

Having carpeted flooring would be very comfortable and Cozy as it is soft, it also has thermal resistance which means that it can keep warm air in and this will always keep your feet warm and comfortable at all times. There are also their disadvantages such as the difficulty to keep it clean. You will have to vacuum your flooring regularly and if you were to spill coloured drinks, it will be very hard to clean the stain off.

Other than that, there is also the more modern type of flooring such as the marble flooring and the wooden type floorings. Benefits of having these types of flooring are that it is easier to keep clean, it is also very easy to match and design. Having marble type floorings will make your room look glamourous and gorgeous. It also durable and it also can reflect light so this will allow your room to look brighter. There are also their cons, since marble are soft materials, it tends to absorb liquid. So, in the long term, the marble might be.

As for the wooden type flooring, it highly durable and it is warm and comfortable to step on. Wooden flooring is also very easy to match with. There are also its disadvantages, it is prone to scratches and it also stains easily when it comes to contact with water.

All in all, each type of flooring has their pros and cons. So be sure to do your research before making your final decision. 

Advice 2: choosing a wall colour that suits you

Furthermore, choosing the right coloured walls would be very important. There are many different colours that you can choose from. You can choose any colour that you want, there the advantages and disadvantages to every colour so you will have to think carefully before making your final decision.

For the colour white, having white coloured walls allows your room to look bigger and it spacious. This will help you mentally as having a larger space feeling allows yourself to be free, it will also allow your room to feel less stuffy.

Other than that, they brighten up your room and they are very versatile so you can design your walls however you want. There are also different coloured walls such as dark coloured walls. Dark coloured walls include the colours of black, grey, brown and many more.

For example, grey walls mix with any coloured furniture or decorations. Other than that, grey walls allow your room to have a calm and relaxed feeling. This will give you a better rest and a better sleeping experience.

Of course, there are many other different colours that you can choose from, the options are endless. But be sure to do your research on the colours that you want before making your final decision.  

Advice 3: Picking the right lighting

Other than that, lighting is very important for your bedroom. It is very important to pick the ideal lighting as it can change the whole mood of your room. Different types of lights gives off different types of moods.

For example, having chandelier type of lights in your room will allow your room to be more elegant and it also gives of drama type of feeling to your room. There are also false ceiling lights, where lights are built in your ceiling. Having false ceiling lights in your bedroom allows your room to look modern and contemporary.

Other than that, there are also pendant lights. Pendant lights are lights that hang down from your ceiling. Pendant lights are trend and versatile type of lighting, it leaves your room looking breath-taking and amazing.

There are many other different types of lighting that you can choose from. Every type of lighting has its pros and cons. Make sure you choose a lighting that fits the mood and style that you desire to have in your bedroom.  


Those are the 3 tips that I have given you. Which are, to choose a type flooring that suits your needs and flooring that matches your environment that you are looking for, you also have to choose the coloured walls that suits what you want in your room as the colouring of your wall will determine the mood of your bedroom and lastly, choose the type of lighting that fits the look and mood that you want in your living room.

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All in all, bedrooms are important as it the place where we rest and sleep. Therefore. you should plan carefully on what you want your room to look like. Be sure to choose items and things that fits your mood and your style.