Determine how much you want to spend on your new Bathroom

You have decided that you want a new bathroom for your home. Before you start on getting a renovation contractor to do up your bathroom, it is always wise to spend some time and think about how much you would like to spend on your bathroom renovation. This is so that you do not go off tangent with your budget and which leaves you with a big hole in your pocket. As such, sit down and discuss with your spouse or with someone who shares the home with you on the budget that you would like to set aside for your new bathroom.

Repainting your Bathroom as the Cheapest Option

If you do not have a big budget to renovate your bathroom, considering to paint the walls of your bathroom will be a good option. It is not only one of the cheapest options that you can take, it also is a highly effective way for you to have a new look for your bathroom.

Your bathroom may be one of the smallest space in your house but it has a lot of small spaces where there are mirrors, bathtubs, windows and other small nooks and crannies that you would have to consider before you start painting.  It will definitely need a lot of painter’s tape in order not to spoil the fixtures and other parts of the bathroom. If you are going to get a renovation contractor to do up your bathroom, they will be taking into consideration all these matters for you.

Fixtures in the Bathroom

The fixtures in your bathroom may also need updating and its good for you to identify which ficture is badly in need of replacement and which can still last a few more years.

You would also need to consider whether the fixtures that are still in good working condition will still go along well with your overall bathroom design. Sometimes you may just need to change that too if it destroys the overall look of your bathroom. Just imagine a red colour sink with a new bathroom design that incorporates white Italian marble tile and an earth colored theme.

The Small Bathroom Trend is Set to Continue

You don’t really need a lot of storage for your bathroom. If you really think about it, the big cabinet space and the big cabinet space under the sink are usually filled with stuff that should have been thrown a long time ago. It is wasted space and an inefficient use of space most of the time.

There’s a small bathroom revolution that is taking place now and you might not need as much bathroom storage as you think.

As such it would be a great idea if you can spend some time to sort through the clutter in the spaces located in your bathroom. You should get rid of the items that are unnecessary and which may be better off being donated to someone else. Really, how many towels and toothbrushes do you need?

You can then replace those big clunky cabinets with slimmer cabinets and maybe a slim mirror which not only beautifies the bathroom but also gives the bathroom more moving space.


We hope that with the ideas that we have shared you are now able to make some plans for the renovation of your bathroom. It may not need a huge budget to do up a bathroom but if you intend to use exotic and expensive materials for your bathroom, your budget needs to be bigger as well. Have a great time renovating your bathroom!