Every home has a kitchen. A kitchen is used to store, keep, cook and prepare food. We spend plenty of time in the kitchen, whether it be cooking or preparing the food.

The kitchen can also be a place for you to relax and release stress through cooking or eating. Many people spend most of their time in the kitchen. Most people enjoy cooking, it may even be one of their hobbies.

Therefore, having a kitchen that has a clean and pleasant look is very important as you and many other people spends most of their time in the kitchen. Hence, you should renovate your home kitchen into a place that is attractive and lovely.

Here, I am going to give you multiple factors and information that you should know before renovating your home kitchen.  

Choose the type of appliances that you want before renovating your kitchen:

Every kitchen has its own appliances. Appliances such as a refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, stoves and many more. You have to choose what appliances you will be wanting to get before making your plans to renovate the kitchen. This is so that we will know the dimensions of your kitchen and it is so that we can plan accordingly to the dimensions you have.

Other than that, you have to choose whether you will be wanting a built-in appliance before renovating your kitchen. If you plan to have built in appliances you will have to plan beforehand. Many people tend to choose built in appliances as it looks aesthetically more pleasant and nicer. It is also easier to keep clean as you would not have to pull them out and clean them. Other than that, it saves up a lot of space. It would allow you to put more items in the kitchen.

Whereas for non-built-in appliances, it is easier to replace. However, it takes up more space as compared to build in appliances.

Of course, they have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, you have to plan thoroughly on what type of appliances you may want to get and whether you want your appliances to be built in.  

Maximise your storage area and space:

Another thing that you should consider before you renovating your kitchen would be your storage space and storage area. This is because food are basic needs to us humans. Therefore, the kitchen has to accommodate for everything. From the storage of dry ingredients through to fresh food, vegetables, herbs, cooking oils, crockery, cleaning materials, snacks and cooking utensils such as pots, frying pans and many more.

In order to maximise storage space, you should consider having built in appliances as it helps you save up much more space. Other than that, you can consider having more cabinets and drawers with a larger space. Having more cabinets and drawers will provide you with much more space, there will be more empty space for you to keep items such as your dry foods, utensils and many more.

You can also get a bigger refrigerator to store and keep in cold foods. By maximising your space, it will help and make your kitchen look neater and cleaner. Your kitchen will also look less stuffy and this will allow you to move freely with ease in your kitchen.

Therefore, it is important to have a larger and bigger storage space. So, do your planning on how to maximise your space before renovating your kitchen. 

Get ideas and inspiration:

Furthermore, before renovating your home kitchen you should get inspiration and ideas from different kitchens. There are plenty of ideas and inspiration and ideas that are out there for you to get inspiration from. You can also head down to our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/reliablecarpentrysingapore we have posted many past renovations that we have done on our Facebook page. The past renovations that we have done have been completed by our amazing team, who followed the requests and needs of our customers.

It is very important to get inspiration and ideas before renovating your home kitchen as it will give you a better idea of what you want. By looking at past renovations, you will be able to pick a theme of your choice and you will also roughly know how you want your kitchen to look like.

It is also good to have a guide, by looking at past renovations of kitchens it will provide you with a better guide on how you want your kitchen to be.

Therefore, getting inspiration and ideas from looking at all different types of kitchens will help you in renovating your kitchen into place that you want.


Kitchens are common spaces for us, we always go to the kitchen to grab a snack or to cook food for ourselves and our family members. It can also be a place for us to relax, release stress and to also learn many new things.

Other than that, the kitchen can also be a place for you to spend quality time with your family members and friends. Therefore, having a kitchen that’s suits your style and having a kitchen that is able to always look good and clean is very important.

So, do remember to plan what type of appliances you will be wanting to get before starting your renovation, maximise the space so that you will be able to make your living room look clean and neat and also to look at past renovations and all the different types of kitchens so that you will be able to get inspiration and different ideas.

Those are the factors and information that you should know and do before renovating your kitchen.