Bathrooms, a room that contains a toilet and a shower. We humans tend to use the bathroom for at four to seven times a day. The bathroom is the place where we start and end our days. Bathrooms can also play an important role to our mental health as some of us use the bathroom to destress. A bathroom is a private and safe place where we can take long baths and showers after having a very long, tiring and busy day. Therefore, it is important for us to have a nice, good looking and beautiful bathrooms.

By renovating your bathroom, you will achieve that. One of many benefits of having a renovated bathroom would be the increase in your home value.

All in all, it is important to renovate your bathroom into a place that is nice and beautiful. Here, I am going to be providing you with information that would enhance your bathroom renovation.

Choosing the right theme:

There has to be a theme to every bathroom. The main feature of the bathroom that will be important in contributing to the theme of your bathroom would be the wall tiles. The wall tiles of your bathroom will contribute a lot to the theme of your bathroom.

There are multiple types of wall tiles with different designs as well as different strength and weaknesses. The first of many wall tiles that you can choose from would be the vinyl wall tiles. If you are looking for that wooden tile feeling inside your bathroom, then vinyl wall tile should be an option for you. There many different designs of vinyl floor tiles that you can get, vinyl floor tiles are also cheaper compared to other options. You should be choosing vinyl wood that tends to be more water-resistant and durable.

Other than that, you have the ceramic wall tiles. If you are looking for a more classy look, ceramic wall tiles are perfect for you. One of the many benefits of choosing the ceramic wall tiles would be that they are durable and affordable. Furthermore, it is easy to clean and it prevents germs from collecting on your bathroom wall.

We also have homogeneous wall tiles. These wall tiles are durable and reliable. Homogeneous wall tiles are non-slip which allow you to have a good grip on them, this will allow you to keep yourself and whoever is using the toilet safe. All in all, it is your decision to make. Be sure to choose something that satisfies you and your needs.

Maximising your storage space:

Another factor that contributes to the look of your bathroom would be the amount of storage area you have. If you do not have enough storage area, your bathroom would constantly look messy and untidy.

In order to prevent that from happening, you might want to choose a vanity cabinet that well suits your theme and that have enough storage area that can keep hold of your toilet accessories such as toilet papers, soap and many more items.

Other than that, you can choose to install in a mirror cabinet. In that mirror cabinet, you can store small items such as your floss, toothbrushes and many more items.

By doing installing both a vanity and a mirror cabinet you can maximise your storage space and this would allow to make your bathroom look neat, clean and tidy. But be sure to choose the design and theme of your liking.

Shower glass selection:

Lastly, the factor that affects the looks of your bathroom is your shower glass. There are many types of shower glasses that you can choose from. Shower glasses can affect the whole look of your bathroom.

One of the many shower glasses that you can choose from would be the clear shower glass. Clear shower glasses are transparent and it makes your bathroom looks more spacious than it actually is. It also allows more light to go through and it makes your shower looks brighter.

You can also choose the frosted and opaque shower glass. These type of shower glasses allows you to have more privacy as it covers up your shower and it also prevents light from cleanly passing through. If you want to make the room look cozier, choosing an opaque and frosted shower glass does just that. Because you cannot see clearly through the shower, which makes the room seems smaller and more inviting. Therefore, a frosty and opaque shower glass would be perfect if you want your bathroom to look simple and private.

Other than that, there is the framed glass showers. Framed glass showers provides you with multiple options to choose the finish of the hardware with matching glass and finishes. Furthermore, framed glass showers gives you the option to choose between a sliding door or a pivoting door. Framed glass showers are also very cheap so they are ideal for saving money.


In conclusion, you should first choose a theme that suits your style. The most important factor that will affect the theme of your bathroom would be your wall tile selection.

Be sure to select the wall tiles of your liking with the design that you desire. Furthermore, you might consider having a vanity cabinet and a mirror cabinet so that you have storage area to store all the items and toiletries that you have. This will allow your toilet to look cleaner and tidier and it will also allow you to maximise the space that you have.

Lastly, choose a shower glass of your liking. Which ever that suits you, whether you want your bathroom to have more privacy to look bigger or smaller it all depends in the shower glass.

So do choose one that is to your liking. Those are the factors and information that you should know before renovating your bathroom.