There are many benefits that comes with having a balcony. Balconies can be a good place for you to relax. You can gain access to fresh air, and you can enjoy the nice views and sunsets from your balcony.

Other than that, a nice balcony can be a place for you to relax, distress and maybe even have a cup of coffee and read. Having a nice and accessible balcony can allow you to socialise with your family members and friends. It can also be a storage space; you can store bulky items such as bicycles and many more.

All in all, there many benefits that comes with having an accessible and nice-looking balcony. Here, I am going to provide you with multiple information that could help you in renovating your balcony into a place that is comfortable and beautiful.

Going green:
If you are looking to have a green looking balcony, you can choose to install a living wall. Living walls consists of live plants or fake plants, it up to your choice. This would allow your balcony to have a greener and lively look. Having green in your house would also be a huge benefit to your health as well.

Other than that, you can install in green grass carpeted flooring to match with the theme, it would be a good place for your children and your pets to play around and have fun with.

Adding more lights would be another factor that will contribute to the aesthetics of your balcony. By adding more lights, it provides you with a more cozy, comfortable and homey feel.

There are many different types of lights that you can install such as led lights, warm lights and many more. You can also install ceiling lights, or a hanging ceiling lights in your balcony.

If you were to relax at night the lights installed would be useful, having changing colours led lights would also give you the power to change the mood and atmosphere of your balcony.

Choosing a colour:  
Other than that, you can base the theme of your balcony to a moody colour. Moody colours such as grey, dark blue, cream and many more. Moody colours are perfect for working and reading stations.

It also provides you with a cooler and calmer atmosphere. Moody colours are relaxing colours and if you are looking to turn your balcony into a place that is relaxing and calm, then choosing a moody colour would be perfect for you.

Of course, there are many other different colours that you could choose from. But if you are looking to have a more calming and relaxing atmosphere, then moody colours would be a good option for you to consider.

Swinging chairs:
Furthermore, you can install ceiling swings to your balconies. Ceiling installed swing chairs saves you more space compared to a swinging chair. Adding in ceiling swings would add a sense of relaxation and fun to your balcony.

You can just sit on your ceiling swing to read a book or even to look at the sunset and relax. It would allow you and your children to have more fun as well. Ceiling swinging chairs are cozy and enjoyable, it can also be a good place for you to be productive as well.

There are many types of ceiling hanging swings that you can choose from, the bubble hanging chairs which are made from plastic with cushion put inside, the hammock hanging chairs which are usually made out rope or hammock material, they are comfortable and nice to lay on, of course there are many other hanging swings and chairs that you can choose.

Be sure to choose the one that you find most comfortable and suitable for your balcony.

Storage for your balcony:
The last piece of information that I would be providing you with, would be to have a designated storage area to keep your belongings and items. You could ask to install an outdoor storage box or cabinet.

Outdoor storage boxes and cabinets are waterproof, so you do not have to worry about your belongings getting wet whenever there is rain. Other than that, they are affordable, and they are durable.

Having a storage box or cabinet could help keep your home and balcony clean, neat and tidy, it provides you with extra space to keep your belongings.

Those are the multiple information that I have provided you with, you can choose to have more greeneries to make your balcony to look livelier, you can install in more lights or different type of lights such as led colour changing lights or ceiling lights so that you can change the atmosphere of the balcony into a place that is cozy and homey.

Other than that, you can choose a colour to match the mood you want. If you are looking to have a cool and calm atmosphere, then moody colours would be for you.

You can also install ceiling chairs or swings to add a sense of both relaxation and fun to your balcony, your family members especially children would enjoy this. Lastly, do get a designated area for storage. Installing an outdoor cabinet or box would be beneficial to you as you can use that as extra space for your belongings and this would also allow you to keep your home clean, neat and tidy.

That is all I have for you, If you are looking for ideas and inspiration, you can get inspiration from browsing and looking through our facebook fan page https://www.facebook.com/reliablecarpentrysingapore There are many different types of ideas that you can get inspiration from as we have posted many renovations that have been completed in the past by our amazing team who followed the requests and the wants of our customers and clients.