Wardrobes are large Furnitures. It is used to keep and store items such as your clothes and even your valuables. They are usually placed in the corner of the bedroom beside or opposite the entrance of the room, some are even placed by the window or even at the side of the bed.

Wardrobes plays a very important role in our lives as it helps keep our bedrooms look neat, tidy and clean. It is essentially a storage area for our bedroom. Without one, you will not have any space to keep your belongings and this will make your bedroom look messy and untidy. Other than that, wardrobes are essential and important furniture when it comes to decorations. Your wardrobe can affect the overall style and look of your bedroom. Therefore, choosing the right type of wardrobe is very important.

We Direct Carpentry Singapore, are going to provide you with information that will hopefully help you in the process of choosing how and what you want your wardrobe to look by telling you about three of the most common and popular types of wardrobes available out there right now.

1: Sliding door wardrobes
Firstly, we have the sliding door wardrobes. Sliding door wardrobes are wardrobes with doors sliding from one side to another. This wardrobe will allow you to save space as it does not need any room to function. Furthermore, sliding door wardrobes allows you to have more space in your bedroom. It also works very well in small and narrow rooms as it does not obstruct traffic flow in your bedroom.

You can also design how you want your wardrobe to look. You can customise and choose the type of designs you want, there are endless of options and designs that you can choose from. This will allow your wardrobe to look however you want it to look like and to also match your desired bedroom theme.

However, there are disadvantages to having a wardrobe such as this one. Having a sliding door wardrobe would not allow you to have a full view of what is in your wardrobe. This is because the sliding door wardrobes covers up one side of the wardrobe and this will not allow you to have a clear and full view of the items in your wardrobe. Other than that, sliding door wardrobes requires high maintenance. It will be hard to restore due to the complicated mechanism that the sliding wardrobe possesses.

2: Hinged door wardrobes
Hinged door wardrobes. Hinged door wardrobes are the most common types of wardrobes. You can simply open this wardrobe by swinging the doors outwards. Hinged door wardrobes will allow you to have a full and clear view of what is inside of it.  Other than that, you can also customise the inside of this wardrobe to how ever you want it to appear like or to function.

For example, you can install a hanger to hang your sling bags or you can even install a mirror inside it. You can customise your wardrobe however you want to it look or however you it to function.  Hinged door wardrobes are also easy to maintain. All you got to do is to check whether the hinge of the wardrobe makes a creaking sound, if it does, all you have to do is to simply add some lubricant oil onto it.

However, there are also the disadvantages to having a hinged door wardrobe. Hinge door wardrobes takes up more space due to the outwards swing of the door. So, this type of wardrobes would not work in rooms with small spaces. 

3: Walk-in wardrobes
Last but not least, we have the walk-in wardrobes. Walk in wardrobes are wardrobes that are big enough for you to be able to walk in and that are big enough for you to be able to look through your clothes and belongings. They are usually small rooms with shelves and cabinets installed inside of it.

You can only have a walk-in wardrobe if you have luxury of space. One of the many benefits the walk-in wardrobes have is that it provides you with more than enough space for you to store and keep all your belongings. Having luxurious space would also mean that you will be able to organise your wardrobe however you like and this will allow you to categorise your items and belongings accordingly. Furthermore, you will be able to locate and find your items easily without needing to search and dig for your items due to the space you have.

However, if you don’t keep your wardrobe neat, clean and organised you might end up losing your items. As it might be hidden amongst the big space that your walk-in wardrobe has. Therefore, walk in wardrobes are for people who are clean and organised. So, if you are not a neat, clean and tidy person, the walk-in wardrobes are not for you.

There are of course many other different types of wardrobes available. Here, we are just recommending and listing some of the few most common and most popular ones. Every wardrobe has their own disadvantages and advantages. Be sure to do further research on all types of wardrobes available before making a final decision.

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